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Our Vision

Our vision encompasses overall development of the professionals who would become the torchbearer of financial planning revolution. We strive to impart management education to prepare business leaders and entrepreneurs to stand up to global competition.

Our aim is to achieve the highest standards of performance through total commitment and exceptional effort. The vision of AIIMST is to become India’s foremost centre of excellence for imparting management education of the highest quality in International Business. We look to imbibe modern management techniques in young managers.

Our Mission

To provide programs that meet educational needs identified by industry, government and other institutions. Our aim is to provide and maintain an emphasis on continuous improvement of programs and services. To nurture young minds by effective training in the concerned subject, guiding them and giving them a strong foundation for a successful career. We believe that it is not enough for a student to pass an examination. His knowledge must become an asset in building his career & ultimately contributing to nation building.

Our mission is to impart and disseminate knowledge through innovative a nd flexible higher education system, for empowering the learning community as globally acceptable professionals. Contribute significantly to Indian corporate world by preparing management graduates with global mindset. We look forward to become one of the best Institutes in INDIA for higher studies in Management.

Our Philosophy

We follow the Philosophy of Control, Prioritize & Improvement. Our philosophy has been universally accepted and it not only remains in the academics but also in the Behaviour, Knowledge & day–to- day activities of AIIMST & our privileged students.Today Management has become an integral part of human life. All the three factors have got many things to contribute in diversified field of management like sustainable motivation and leadership, communication, decision making, self development & development of an appropriate work culture.Our Philosophy aims at holistic development of the society, different organizations and individuals in particular based on sustainable principles.

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